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Defending digital assets from malicious threat actors is no easy task. It requires specialized knowledge, strong technical skills, and a wealth of experience to truly be counted amongst the elite in cybersecurity. Cyberbit is the world’s only platform ensuring your cyber team is equipped to perform at elite levels, providing a strong based in cyber fundamentals, technical skills, cyber tool mastery, and the experience with live-fire simulated cyber attacks to ensure elite performance from your organization.

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One Platform to Ensure Your Team is Equipped to Excel

Boost Response Times and Reduce Incidents

  • Identify the best talent first with a 50% reduction in candidate screening times and budget
  • Onboard top talent 3 times faster with Cyberbit onboarding modules
  • Reduce response times by over 30% as your human cyber element achieves peak performance
  • Fewer incidents mean fewer issues as you reduce incident overload by 25%

Your Cyber Skills Management Center

Cyberbit enables information security leaders to manage their team’s entire skill development lifecycle in one, SaaS platform. Screen candidates, onboard new hires, quantify your team’s capabilities, plan your skills development program, run live-fire cyber range exercises, and identify gaps, to ensure your team is ready to respond to the most recent threats.

Build Technical Skills in Cyber Labs

Provide your team with the most effective and engaging way to develop their hands-on skills with a massive catalog of cyber labs. New labs are released each month allowing an individual to experience the latest threat vectors, understand defensive techniques, and master their security tools.

Give Your Team the Experience to Recognize and Rapidly Respond to Incidents

Verify your team’s ability to respond to incidents by immersing them in simulated attacks. The hyper-realistic cyber range delivers the world’s largest catalog of live fire exercises, running in virtual SOC that include real-world networks and commercial security tools.

Uncover Your Team’s Ability to Reduce and Respond to Incidents

Stress-test your SOC team in a simulated attack and instantly retrieve your readiness score. Compare your performance to industry benchmarks. Share your progress with Management to prove the impact of your SOC investment.