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Email Security has Changed. Cyberattacks no longer stop at your email perimeter. From blended phishing and BEC attacks to insider threats and brand impersonation, the tactics are complex, the attackers relentless. You need a security strategy that’s as pervasive and persistent as the threats you work to combat every day. Get the protection today’s threat landscape demands, minus the excessive cost and complexity, with Email Security 3.0.

Attacks don’t stop at the email perimeter, Your Security Can’t Either.

While email is still the number one attack vector, it’s far from the only way in. That’s why Email Security 3.0 provides fully integrated protection across three zones.


Nearly all cyberattacks leverage email. The simple fact remains that securing  your email perimeter is the foundation of any effective cyber resilience strategy. Protection Against:

  • Business email compromise, phishing, and spear-phishing
  • Weaponized attachments and ransomware
  • Signature-less malware and zero-day attacks
  • Malicious and sophisticated URL attacks
  • Loss of sensitive or proprietary information


Internal email threats are often underestimated, which means they carry a lot of risk. And without adequate security awareness, employees are highly susceptible to making an innocent but devastating mistake. Keep internal email secure and make employees a security asset, rather than your weakest link, with Mimecast’s Zone 2 defenses.

  • Apply best-practice security inspections to ALL email
  • Protect against latent malware with continuous re-checking of previously delivered content
  • Automatically or manually remediate unwanted emails post-delivery
  • Prevent user-to-user and user-to-third-party compromise
  • Provide training that engages employees and changes behavior
  • Train employees using real-life, de-weaponized phishing attacks
  • Measure security awareness risk at the employee and organizational level


Brand impersonation attacks are easy to create. Even unsophisticated attackers can impersonate your website or send fake emails using legitimate domains. If only the damage were easy to undo. Move from defense to offense with Zone 3 brand protection that helps you:

  • Defend against imitation-based threats that target customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Extend phishing protection beyond your perimeter
  • Prevent planned brand imitation attacks
  • Quickly resolve live attacks
  • Get visibility of email traffic using your owned domains, both active and dormant
  • Move to a DMARC reject policy faster and more confidently
  • Take proactive actions

In addition, visit the stand to find out more about  CyberGraph, a powerful Mimecast AI cybersecurity solution

Mimecast CyberGraph utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to protect from the most evasive and hard-to-detect email threats, limiting reconnaissance and mitigating human error. Protect against sophisticated, highly targeted phishing attacks with three key capabilities:

  • Email tracker prevention disarms trackers embedded in emails, halting the inadvertent disclosure of information that could be used by a bad actor to craft a social engineering attack.
  • Identity graph technology powered by machine learning detects anomalous behaviors that could be indicative of a malicious email.
  • Contextual warning banners embedded in suspicious emails utilize crowdsourced intelligence and color coding to engage and empower users at the point of risk.


What make Mimecast most efficient and relevant for your security ecosystem?

  • Best-of-breed integrated solution.
  • Adaptable 100% cloud architecture with deep security and efficacy
  • Less things for you to triage reduces strain on the team
  • 100% email uptime SLA
  • Point-in-time back-up and recovery of contacts, email, calendars and files
  • Lowers complexity and costs in the long run – Low impact on daily operational process but high on configurability
  • Faster onboarding of the service
  • Open API incorporates Mimecast into the broader eco-system