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Building security into the SDLC

DevOps has become an everyday necessity not only to ensure that operations can keep up with frequent application changes but also to align development to increasingly dynamic cloud deployment models. But as DevOps accelerated, security testing was somewhat left behind. Now, organizations are looking to integrate security more closely with development in a new approach: DevSecOps

Changing the way web apps are secured

We know that everything we do is increasingly connected. If it’s connected, it’s vulnerable. Our best-in-class application security solutions help organizations around the world keep their web applications safe.

Top-notch products for your organization’s application security needs

Nimble teams need fast solutions. Acunetix utilizes a unique scanning engine known for its speed and accuracy in spotting vulnerabilities. Pioneered on the island of Malta in 2005, Acunetix is the first-ever automated web application security scanner.

Quickly find and fix the vulnerabilities that put your web applications at risk of attack. Enjoy more peace of mind – without investing more of your limited time.

Scalable tech is fundamental for enterprises. Conceived by security expert Ferruh Mavituna in 2009, Netsparker can scan thousands of websites and web apps with proprietary Proof-Based Scanning™ technology, which is scalable as businesses evolve.

Application Security Testing For Enterprise

Dramatically reduce your risk of attacks. Get accurate, automated application security testing that scales like no other solution.